Piotr Sliwka Manassas, VA

We live in an economic apartheid


The United States’ glory days are over, because all well-paying manufacturing jobs have gone to Mexico and Asia, and this has been caused by Bill Clinton signing NAFTA. President Barack Obama wants to sign Trans Pacific Partnership (known as TPP) and another trade agreement known as TPP, which will completely hollow out any decent U.S. jobs remaining to Vietnam, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, and so forth.

Many so-called democratic Senators agreed with Republican ones to cut to the bare bone all social programs from year 2013 to 2023 under the fancy name known as sequestration. The results are already visible in northern Virginia with growing numbers of homeless people who live in tent cities. Barack Obama agreed with Republicans in 98% to slash meals on wheels, food stamps, head start, and so on. However, super wealthy oligarchs were given by Obama and Congress huge tax breaks to keep their trillions of dollars in zero tax accounts.

When presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and Dwight Eisenhower were in the White House, very wealthy Americans and private corporations paid far more in income taxes, colleges were free, and many social programs helped the poor far more. All three presidents supported labor unions. Do you ever hear about Obama doing the same as these former three presidents? No you do not, because Obama and Clinton are corporate fascists. If the federal minimum wage were allowed to follow the inflation and worker productivity, it would be around $21.00 per hour. There is no, and there will be no economic recovery for an average working John and Barbara Doe, because we live in an economic apartheid. However, super rich oligarchs will buy more private jets, more yachts, more diamond Rolex wrist watches.