LeDaya Epps Los Angeles, CA

The State of Our Union


LeDaya Epps was raised in South Central Los Angeles. She grew up in the foster care system until she was a teen, and although she graduated high school, she found it difficult to find a job. After hitting a few roadblocks, she bounced around between jobs for a number of years as a medical assistant, but couldn’t find the stable work and pay that she needed to provide for her three children.

A current Black Worker Center member referred LeDaya about the center, and she became a member. She was always interested in construction, so she participated in the Los Angeles Black Worker Center’s Ready to Work Program, and was one of only two women to make it into the program. She now works as a full time laborer apprentice on the Crenshaw light rail line construction project.

LeDaya Epps says that one of the key things she learned from the experience was how organizing for quality jobs is a key ingredient for solving the Black jobs crisis. Says LeDaya: “I’m so blessed that I’m able to do stuff for me and my kids. I can now save money and I don’t have to worry about the little things as much – I can even take my kids out for dinner once in a while. I’m looking forward to working hard, building a career as a laborer, and being able to provide for myself and my family.”

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