Joseph Kubetz Portland , Maine

SSDI Then And Now


My name is Joseph Kubetz, from Portland, Maine. My hometown, Portland, has a city motto, ‘Resurgam,’ meaning “I shall rise again.” Hopefully, I have lived up to my city’s name.

I am fortunate now to be developing a thriving small business. Another source of gratitude these days is an additional current endeavor of mine: a pursuit of a second college degree.

With so many good things on the horizon, it is noteworthy that my circumstances a decade ago stand in stark contrast to this rosy future of today.

A little over ten years ago, my health was in poor standing. My medical condition qualified me for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). SSDI bought me time to regain my health, get back on track, begin the path which eventually led to graduating college, going back to work, starting my own small business, and eventually pursuing a second college degree.

Thank you to all who stood by the SSDI program, which gave so much to me, just at the moment when I needed it. Hopefully, we can work to make sure it is there for others when they need it, so that they, too, can have a chance to rise again.