Michelle Marez Albuquerque, NM

Scheduling Can Be Quite Stressful


I work at T-Mobile and the scheduling can be quite stressful. Especially if you have little ones that you have to take care of too. I’ve been with the company over 10+ years, and I have never been fully satisfied with a reasonable schedule. And since T-Mobile doesn’t have a union, seniority doesn’t mean a thing. I find it extremely difficult to have to work four 10-hour shifts, but still get out so late. Knowing I can’t get home at a reasonable time makes it a hard place to work.

Also T-Mobile wants their employees to pre-plan their illnesses as much as possible, as if that is possible and if you don’t, you are still expected to come in sick. I still don’t understand how one can pre-plan sick days. As an example, if I’m feeling sick today and I want to try and get the day off tomorrow, the chances are very slim that I will get it off. There should one paid time off bucket and a separate sick day bucket so you have enough hours to request a sick day off.