Paula Nashua , New Hampshire

Paula’s Story


I am Paula, and I live in Nashua, New Hampshire in senior housing with my husband. I have been legally blind since 1989. I went on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in 1990. SSDI has been helpful because I couldn’t work yet I had two daughters to raise. If I didn’t have SSDI, and Supplemental Security income for my two girls, we would have relied on my husband’s income which wasn’t much. With the SSDI check that I receive now, I have to pay for prescription drugs every month and by the time I am done paying these bills, I don’t have a lot left. My husband and I are always running in a hole. We have about $250 left to put gas in the car, pay for food and food is no longer cheap. Some months, I have to decide whether to pay for drugs or eat.