Najla | Granite State Organizing Project | Manchester, New Hampshire

Najla’s Story


My name is Najla Raufyar. I have lived in Manchester for 16 years. I live with my husband and three boys 9, 6 and 2 years old.
With my first son, my husband and I worked. We were earning $9 an hour each but because we were working, Medicaid for me and my son was cut. Our monthly wages were so low to pay for my son’s health insurance and childcare. I had no option but to quit working to get my son’s Medicaid back.
With my second child, I tried to work but again, we didn’t have $220 a week to pay for childcare. I couldn’t afford that much with rent, food, and other bills. So, I have had to stay home to look after my sons because working at low wages doesn’t allow us to afford the high cost of childcare.