Alison Zuleger League City, TX

My mom was a single mother with four kids


22My mom was a single mother with four kids! She worked all the time whether she was sick or not. During holidays, she took on a second job to make sure we had a great Christmas. When we were kids, we never knew that we were poor– we always had the things we needed, even if we might not have gotten the things we wanted.

My mom went without a lot of things. I can remember her not eating because there wasn’t enough for us kids and walking to the store to save gas so she could get back and forth to work. I learned my work ethic from her. She taught us how to stand up for ourselves, how to be strong. My mom is the most beautiful woman I know, inside and out!

She is now in her 80s, legally blind, but still going strong. Still she does for herself. We help with the things she allows us too. I don’t know how she did what she did, but I am forever grateful of her total commitment to us even to this day.