M. Debhulbh Boston, MA

My Mom is raising my son for 7 years now


My Mom is raising my son for 7 years now. He is 9 years old.

She volunteers at Horizons for Homeless Children, taught a “Be an Environmentalist” class at my sisters middle school for 4 years. Now that my sister is away at college as a freshman, my mom has taken on classes of her own. She has my son enrolled at soccer, baseball, fencing, piano, violin, skiing, ice-skating and Irish dancing. She juggles and organizes all of this pretty much single-handedly along with caring for the home, preparing meals, keeping a garden and doing laundry, and she still has time to help and meet with friends. She can take an evening to take in a play, a talk, or a museum visit. She encourages us all in relation to music, theatre, arts, travel, studies, and work.

She worked in the travel business for 20 years and managed an office for 10, she has a business degree and is in the process of pursuing a degree in fine arts. She has had children from Chernobyl come to stay with us for a month. She earned her yoga teacher training. She has taken her gardening certificate course with Mass Hort and currently, she is taking a Masterpieces of Irish Literature in Cambridge for which she has to submit papers, do the reading and work for all that.

What can I say, my Mom is a dynamo; she is caring, helpful, positive; she is a breath of fresh air. She loves nature and flowers and bees and blossoms– apple blossoms in particular. She cares deeply about environmental issues, GMO’s, the environment and organic farming. She cares about societal issues like our over-the-top prison pollution, the torture of solitary confinement and that we use it here in this country on our own citizens.

She cares about homelessness and helps homeless people always. She goes right up to a person and will kneel down and start asking them what they need, and can she get them anything. She’ll head off then and get them a sandwich, bowl of soup, jasmine cup of tea, etc. She stays with them and asks them do they have a place to stay, she learns that they are waiting for a voucher for housing and the man Terry in Harvard Sq who has very bad legs can’t get his much needed surgery until he has a place and he also needs dentures.

Yes, my Mom is real, she is fun, she is FULL of life and full of vim. She is a classy, elegant lady who looks like she could be my sister. She’s my Mom, she is a grandmother, she is a great friend, and she has a huge wide varied circle of friends.

Yes, she is my MOM.