Ashley , United States

Losing the breadwinner


My daughter cries herself to sleep every night; she blames herself for her father not coming back home.

My name is Ashley. My fiancée and I have a 4-year-old daughter. But my fiancée was arrested in May 2012. After serving for 2 months, my fiancée was then deported on his birthday. It was July 25th; it was the day we planned to get married.

My fiancée was the breadwinner of our family and supported us all the time. Our little daughter has medical problems and relies on medications. On that day, my fiancée was on his way to get our sick daughter her medicine but was caught for driving without a license.

Now, I’m a helpless single mother who is trying to find a job to support my sick daughter.  My daughter is crying every night, holding her father’s picture and asking why her daddy doesn’t come back. She asked me if she did anything wrong and made her father leave us. She is blaming herself for what the Government did—- ripped our family apart.

But the Government doesn’t care. People are saying that this is a free country, but I don’t see how it is because the Government is ripping countless families apart.

My little daughter hasn’t spoken to her father for 7 months because I couldn’t afford to make calls to him. It makes me really sad to think of my daughter, as well as children in other families that are forced to grow up without a parent.