Gloria Coles Brooklyn Center, MN

It isn’t right


For work, I manage a group home.  For my work, I receive room and board.  I am also in a program to become a community health worker.  When I graduate, I expect to be paid a living wage for my knowledge, skill and the benefits I add to my community.

A person cannot live a healthy life on $7.75 per hour.  $7.75 per hour is well below poverty guidelines for one person, but so many jobs are low wage jobs, and parents are trying to make a living on that.  I see my friends, neighbors, and people in my church truly struggle and suffer on minimum and low wage jobs. People cannot afford housing, healthy food, or transportation. It isn’t right.

I’m standing up for wages that allow us to have safe homes, adequate transportation – to good grocery stores, for example, without public assistance.  I’m joining other workers at TakeAction MN in the work to lobby and push for better wages because we all need and deserve to live healthy, secure lives.