Laron Green Los Angeles, CA

If you don’t fit in, they wont hire you


My name is Laron Green. I am from Los Angeles and a member of the LA Black Worker Center. I grew up in a family of 6. I graduated from high school and attended some college, while gaining a wide background in the trades. I am now a proud father of 3 children.

I am currently unemployed and often feel discriminated against when looking for work for multiple reasons, my race being one. I recently applied to work on a construction project and was told, “My crew speaks Spanish, and if you don’t fit in, I can’t hire you.” I am unable to support myself and I rely on government assistance.

The lack of finances really puts a struggle on me finding employment. At one of my previous jobs, when it was time for lay-offs the Black workers were targeted first; no matter how much seniority they had. I watched them be picked off one by one until it was my turn to be let go. It shouldn’t be this way.

As a youth I was taught to stay motivated, positive and consistent. Over the years I have kept employed because of my will and determination, and I hope to pass those values down to my children.

I recently accepted an offer for a low paying job because of my lack of stability, and my need to work. This makes it hard to improve my living conditions, for I am living with currently homeless a family member.

I feel positions of power work for the upper class and elite, the changes that are made affect me but not in a positive matter. The decisions made show me that I have more hurdles to jump, sink or swim. These companies hire workers they can exploit, by paying lower wages and no benefits.