Arleta Bingham LA, CA

I never worked minimum wage = wage theft


My name is Arleta, I worked at beauty supply for 6 and a half years and was terminated while on maternity leave. In the six years I worked at my job I never got paid overtime or took rest breaks. In addition to being victim of Wage Theft, I was told to racially profile Black customers and even got into confrontations with customers as a result of the owners request to follow the Black customers around (only) .The owner of the Beauty Supply often referred to Black workers as “Ghetto”. All of us workers got paid in cash. We were all Black or Latino workers.
I performed work out of my classification. I had to perform managerial work like, evicting tenants and collecting rent. I never worked at even at minimum wage– they always paid me less. I filed a complaint with the Labor commission and experienced retaliation by getting my hours reduced. I used to work a full 6 days a week, and went to 3 days a week.

My former employer is trying to bribe me, by offering money. The owner even closed the business and opened up the business in a different location. The owner/employer attempted to say I never worked for her, and broke confidentiality by showing details of my case to a friend who works at the Beauty Supply. I was offered a settlement of $500 which didn’t cover the OT that I was never was paid.

It was calculated I was owed $7000 was only from the 3 years I was able to collect in back pay. I didn’t have pay check stubs.

“Its kind of depressing course especially around this time of year” I have a 17, 8 and a 1 year old. My daughter is a senior in High School and I don’t have the funds to provide for her. My daughter is about to graduate and I have to provide for.

“I have braided hair on the side to make ends meet but it’s just so inconsistent” I just want to work. I have over 35 references to testify in her favor e.g., dark and lovely reps etc.