Adele Sims Chicago, Illinois

Eating Can Be A Challenge, But Social Security Helps


My name is Ms. Adele Sims. I’m a leader with ONE Northside in Chicago. I worked for 45 years. However, today I receive so little in Social Security that by the time I receive my check and pay my monthly bills, there’s hardly enough money to pay for food.

When I was a child, and again in 1979 and 1987, I had to go without food. It’s not a good feeling to come home to no food, and I will never go back to it. Eating is a high priority on everyone’s list. If you cut my Social Security benefits, I will be forced to go without food again.

My message to Congress is this: What would you do if you were no longer in Congress passing laws, but sitting on the streets with no money? People’s lives should come first. No one should die from hunger in our country. Cutting any of the Social Security programs is not the answer. Sit down with the people who live through these experiences. We could be your solution and not your problem. You’re messing with people’s lives when you want to cut and privatize Social Security.