Judi Mendersi | The Contact Center | Cincinnati, Ohio

Disability, SSI and food stamps


I had my first accident in 1994. I was no longer working so it gave me the money to pay everything I needed to pay. I never went to back to work. I was first on SSI, and then SSDI. Two years after I had my accident, it was Medicare. When I got Medicare, when I finally got SSDI, I also needed food stamps and because I was on Social Security, I got the least amount of food stamps and that’s the way it is today. I save my food stamps until the end of the month until I have no money, no food. That’s when I use $15 of food stamps. I’ve been out of work since 94.
What I would say to someone who wants to cut Social Security and food stamps: People of low income and people who are disabled have very little money and it’s important for people to get a very balanced diet. It’s important for people to have the money. Food stamps provides the funds so they have money to get the proper food they need.
There are several types of social security. First there’s Social Security retirement, when people have worked over a certain period of time. There’s the SSDI, when people are disabled before retirement age, and they can use that money like they were working. Medicaid, Medicare, and food stamps. People who are disabled need money for food, and the food stamps provide that money for food. Some people think that people who are disabled are lazy. We are not. We couldn’t work before. Social security provides us, SSDI, SSI provides us the money like we were working and also food stamps provides us with the food we need.