Morgan Ramirez Pontiac, MI

Bills need to be paid


My husband Mario Ramirez was taken from his family on Feb. 18th, 2013.

ICE came to our home and cuffed him in front of my daughter who was screaming and crying for her daddy. Now he is in jail and waiting to be deported back to Mexico. My husband, who is the sole provider for our family, has done nothing wrong but try to better his and his families lives.

We have 3 children that will be without a father, my children deserve the best and without their father here I am afraid of losing my house because the mortgage will not get paid. Living as a single mother paying bills and not to mention a babysitter leaves no room for all of our bills and others need to get paid.

My daughter is two, she wakes up every night having a nightmare screaming I want my daddy! My family needs a father/husband. I thought we lived in a country with freedom. I understand he came here the wrong way but to rip a family apart is disgusting and to be honest, I am ashamed to be called an AMERICAN!