Vessy Mink Lake in the Hills, IL

Always count your blessings


My Mother has always led by example.

Through endless hardwork, dedication, self love, patience, compassion, cleanliness, order, determination & gratitude for the now, Mom is a giver. My beautiful mother grew up learning to be thankful for every meal.

To be grateful for her family, home, nature, art & music.

To help others, more importantly, to find their golden road has been my mothers’ purpose. After having 5 children of her own, Mom went back to school. She studied hard at Northeastern University in Chicago to make her own dreams come true and even more so to set a good example to her children. My mothers’ senior thesis was a pop up art gallery that is still up to this day! Chicago’s beloved Womanmade Gallery began as a month long project to support women in the arts.

Art made by women was the focus in order to promote a larger goal of fruitful equality.

Womanmade Gallery is 23 years old now, and the story of its creation is a rich and beautiful one, just as the lives of the women and men who have supported WMG are.

In our kitchen at home growing up there was a list of 5 things to remember that mom painted for us to read and follow daily.

1. Do something for someone else.
2. Do something for yourself.
3. Do something you don’t want to do that needs to be done.
4. Do a mental and physical exercise.
5. Always count your blessings.

Beate Minkovski taught us kids well and she has always come through no matter what and in flying colors!!
Here’s to you Mom and to all the Mother’s on earth, to today on Mother’s Day and Everyday, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.