Kristin C. Manchester, NH

Kristin’s story


Kristin Cahill lives in Manchester, New Hampshire. Her dad passed away when she was nine and she received Social Security survivor benefits. She says that without that income, her family wouldn’t have made it. Kristin, now 36, has a seven year- old son of her own and is a single mom. She strives to give her son everything he deserves and says that he gives her hope for the future. Before her son was born, she had decent paying, full-time jobs working as an early childhood educator and at a bank. When her son was first born, lacking support and unable to afford child care, she had to quit the workforce in order to care for him.

Her son entered second grade last year and she was able to take a part-time job, but she is concerned about the years of full-time work that she is missing. Although Kristin started in the workforce at the age of 15, she says it scares her to think that she will have low Social Security benefits in retirement. As she puts it, “Anyone who takes time out from work for caregiving should be rewarded. Social Security could be made better through a Caregiver Credit. There are so many people out there who deserve to get those credits, which would mean much less stress and not having to rely on help from others later in life. That’s why I’m working with other grassroots leaders to improve social security especially for women who are in a similar situation as me.”