Amanda V. Lawrenceville, GA

Young and Struggling


I’m 19 years old and my boyfriend has been taken by immigration. I woke up one morning and he said he was getting taken away.

I started crying and didn’t know what to do. He’s my everything; we had our own place together, our car, our jobs, everything. We were a team.

Since immigration took him I have been going through many struggles; the apartment we had I can no longer keep because paying it on my own was very hard and I was eventually evicted. Our car got taken away because I couldn’t pay it on my own and little by little everything was just gone.

I lost everything due to financial problems. I had to pay the immigration lawyer on my own along with the bills-everything. I can’t visit him because they took my car since I couldn’t pay for it and now I’m homeless. Immigration and family separation is real because I’m going through it right now. I want my life back and I can only get it back with him. I have no family, he is my family, friend and future husband. We were going to get married.

Please change the immigration laws so that my Jose can be with me and we can have our life back.