Patricia Avedano Brooklyn, New York

We will not give up


My name is Patricia Avedano. I am member of New York Communities for Change and participate in our Flatbush Worker Committee.

I am from Honduras, and I’m a single mother of 6. Currently I work cleaning houses. I earn from $50-$60 for every day that I work cleaning houses. Not a day goes by that I have to make the hard choice of paying my rent, feeding my kids, or buying clothes. But I know that we will live the day when we are heard. The day will come when we are respected. I know that one day we won’t have to have meager wages to depend on. I’m also convinced that we won’t win without being out on the streets and fighting for what we deserve. We have to let people know, tell them our stories and our struggles. If we continue to keep our heads down, no one is going to give us what we deserve. I am convinced, and I have learned that people who know their rights have better weapons to fight back. Once we know this, no one can take that away from us.

To me, being part of this movement is very important because I want to send a message to my kids that every good thing that we have, and every good fight that we have will be compensated. I am very proud to say that I believe that we will win. We will not give up.