March 3rd will mark the 2 year anniversary of the day that the father of my 6 year old son was taken from our home. 8 years ago I fell in love with a man who taught me that there was such a thing as true love. Together we made a home, and he accepted me along with my 2 beautiful little girls. He was such a great role model and excellent partner in life. Soon we had a little addition to our family, our son. Our family was complete! We did everything from sports to homework. Our family matured and we grew to be inseparable, or so I thought. Then came the day that changed my life…it changed our destiny. March 3rd! It hurt so bad that he was taken from our home. My oldest daughter was at an after-school program so she didn’t get to say good bye. My middle child got to bid farewell, but it was heart-breaking to witness her tears and to hear him tell her that he loved her so much and that everything would be OK. Our son, the youngest, was asleep…so his daddy just gave him a quick kiss on the forehead.

Then it was my turn; I was distraught but I remember him looking me straight in the eye and telling me to be strong. No matter what you need to be strong for our children and then he was gone. We lived paycheck to paycheck so a lawyer was out of the question. He had 2 choices: fight to stay or volunteer to leave. He asked for an extended court date… not to fight to stay but to give his family the chance to see him again and to say our good byes :( Our life since then has been chaotic. I worked only part time so that I could be with our children and he was the one whom supported the household. With him gone, our income was cut by 80%…I could not afford our home. My children and I faced eviction. Needless to say, we now live with my parents as I struggle to build our lives back up. It is so hard. I don’t ask for handouts but no matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to make things fall into place.

I became depressed and felt like the whole world was caving in on me. I recall countless calls to talk to him after he arrived to his native country; where I just cried. He has always reassured me that all will be ok but, it is so hard, 2 years later and I am still struggling. We can’t see each other because airfare is expensive (and we need all the money we can just to pay bills). He often says we wants to return. Legally he can’t for 10 years, by then my daughters will have graduated high school and our son will be in middle school (he is a kindergartner now). I love him so and will forever wait for him. Until “El Destino” can unite us again. But, I will NEVER ever ask him to RISK his life for us. I pray everyday that the President I voted for twice (I even took my kids to the polls to watch as I voted) will someday make our lives better by positively making Immigration Reform Justice. All of us that have had to grieve as we cope with the loss of our loved ones at the hands of ICE should inspire change so that our struggles… our pain….won’t be in vain. That someone in the future will be saved from having to suffer like we are now.