Indhira, Oscar & Oswaldo Denver, CO

The Gaytán Family Story


Indhira, Oscar, and Oswaldo Carrillo were born in Denver, CO to Adriana and Alfredo. Both of their parents are immigrants from Mexico.

My father Alfredo arrived to the United States in 1996; he worked in construction for several years before he lost his right eyesight due to a work related accident. After a long recovery process, he met my mother Adriana and they got married in 1998.

My family was torn apart by the deportation of my dad. He was, at one point, the major financial provider to our household and being without him has been very hard for all of us. My dad was only driving without a license when he was arrested and deported to Mexico. My family could not gather the bond money fast enough for the immigration system.

My dad feared for his life back in Mexico because his brother, my uncle, was murdered by a Mexican drug cartel over a property my uncle and my dad owned together. My uncle received 70 gunshots when he was murdered.

I think of my dad as a hero. We used to talk on the phone regularly during the time he spent in Mexico. We’d tell to each other how much we missed one another, and just hoped to be reunited soon. After so many months, my dad decided to come back to the United States to be with us.

I was anxiously expecting him back in Colorado, counting the days until his return, and hoping for all of us to be together as a family again. Sadly, my dad was detained again while crossing the border to reunite with us. He is currently facing deportation once again.

Due to the inaction in the house, and specifically the lack of leadership from the GOP, they are not only hosting hostage a bill that Americans want, but also keeping my dad in detention waiting to see if we will ever be reunited with our father.