Savino Vidals Brooklyn, New York

Reaching this great American dream


My name is Savino Vidals, and I’m from Mexico. I am a father of two kids; one of them is in Mexico. I have been in this country for 13 years and since then I have been working in a supermarket. Currently, I work in Evergreen supermarket in Brooklyn. I earn $550 a week, working 72 hours.

The reason why I joined this fight is because every day I have to put up with injustice, not only against my being, but my co-workers as well. We face a lot of discrimination, and for some reason or another we are all in the same situation. Some of my co-workers are afraid to speak out and protest. They are afraid to lose the little that they have and not be able to support their families.

I understand them; I too have to support my son in Mexico. It’s very difficult to survive in this city. I live in an apartment that I share with another family. Sometimes things are so bad that I have to decide– should I pay rent this month, or should I eat? Sometimes I wonder if it was worth me migrating to this country. Chasing that American Dream, that often feels more like a nightmare. But I don’t let anything get me down.

I’m fighting, because our wages stay the same while the cost of living is always rising. I am fighting with my co-workers because we not only deserve to eat and pay rent; we also deserve respect and dignity. I know that if we keep fighting, we can reach this great American dream.

Savino Vidals is a member of the New York Communities for Change Flatbush Worker Committee and part of the Supermarket Campaign.