Coresa Jackson Cincinnati, OH

Ohio needs Medicaid Expansion


Two years ago I was uninsured. My health was bad. I have high blood pressure, thyroid disease, and severe arthritis in my left knee and left shoulder. I needed to take medicine each day for my high blood pressure and my thyroid. I had a hard time paying for the medicine I need. I had to take my medicine every other day instead of every day to stretch my medicine because I could not afford to get my prescriptions filled every month. I needed therapy for my arthritis, but I was unable to get it because I lacked health insurance.

When I was able to get on the Medicaid program through Medicaid Expansion, it was a great relief! My health has become much better. I can take the medicine I need each day for my thyroid and high blood pressure. I can get therapy for my arthritis and pain relief so I can function. My health has improved so that I can look for work, do job search, and do volunteer work at a non-profit before I am employed. I am asking the State of Ohio to keep Medicaid Expansion. It has helped people like me get the health care we need. At 49 I am too young for Medicare and Social Security. Right now in my life I need help through the Medicaid Program to keep my heart and thyroid working.