My Daughter Died in Action Serving Our Country


My name is Olivia (US Citizen) and my daughter’s name was Ashley (US Citizen). My family nightmare started when my daughter died in action serving our country.

Back in 2004, my husband made one mistake and he was given supervision (6 months) at home, not even jail time, by a judge. He pled guilty because the lawyer advised us to do this to make everything more smooth for my husband. The lawyer did not mention to us that by doing this, my husband was not able to finish his process to obtain residency.

When I was to submit the proof of income after his I-30 was approved, I had to stop because I found out that I was not able to do anything else, otherwise he would be deported.

We were doing okay until my daughters death but afterwards, my family and I were not able to cope with the pain; it has been very difficult. My husband started drinking and was pulled over by police officers who found his 2004 felony and gave him a deportation order. As a result of his arrest we have suffered extreme hardships, including the possibility of losing our home. My house was put on foreclosure and my son and I were in the hospital due to extreme stress-we both had to have surgeries. We also lost our car but more importantly my son lost his childhood. The combination of my daughters death during her active duty serving our county and the hardships that we experience for the current immigration laws has put us in a very delicate position. I struggle with medical problems such anxiety, depression and stomach pains, all related to the stress that I have experienced. The same goes for my son and husband.

Because I’m a person that knows that what the government is doing is wrong, I have decided to fight for my family as result. I was able to stop my husband’s deportation but even now I cannot fix his residency because of the current laws. I’m extremely disappointed in our leaders. I’m angry because the people that are in power have a moral responsibility to help my family but keep ignoring the situation and do not take any type of action to fix the problem. My family and my daughter deserve support and respect but we are not getting it because we are Hispanics. I believe that if we were a white military family things would be very different.