Pat Y Ohio, Ohio

My American Dream Was Delayed


In 2002, my job was eliminated and I was forced to retire early. I discovered that I was 11 quarters short of having enough credit to get my Social Security. I did not worry because I was blessed to be able to retire early and still had eight years to earn the credit needed before I turned 65. However, life happened.

Shortly after I retired my daughter began to face complications with her pregnancy. Of course I took care of her and my nine-month-old grandchild.

Then my oldest brother became very ill. After various medical procedures, he came to live with me. That’s when I became his caregiver. By the time I turned 65, I was still short those 11 quarters needed to get my Social Security.

That was four years ago. I am now 69 and I am still short 7 quarters of credit needed for Social Security. You see, over the last 14 years I have not just been a caregiver for my daughter and my oldest brother. I am the youngest of 11 children and now all three of my oldest living siblings are at a place where they have medical issues. I love my brothers, and I want the best for all of them. They depend on me; I am their caregiver.