Josefina R. Aurora, IL

Josefina’s Story


I live in Aurora, Illinois and I am on this bus tour because my husband was accused of helping other people cross the border and was deported. He came into this country in 1994 and never went back. I petitioned for him in 2011 and we have been separated for over a year.

We have three children and without him I have to pay my mortgage, bills and take care of my children. My children haven’t seen their father in over a year and I have to work 7 days a week. I am only able to spend 2 hours a day at most with my children and I still don’t’ have any money.

My husband is not a criminal! He is not who the police say he is! I have a lot of medical conditions that I am dealing with because of his deportation and there has to be someone who can help us. President Obama said he would help us if he was re-elected, well my children are desperate and are suffering so much and I hope he helps soon!