Iztaccihuatl’s Story


I’m a naturalized American citizen. I have been with my husband for 8 years, and we have two children, Max, 7, and Fabio, 1. We have a landscaping business, but because of his status I have to drive everywhere because we fear deportation. So even though I will be finishing my bachelors degree, I cannot make plans to find another job.

We cannot afford daycare so in summers, we take our kids to work. My 7-year-old talks about buying a home where he can have pets, have his friends over and a better neighborhood. But I can’t afford a home on my own, it would be better if we had both incomes. But because of his status this home is financially a single parents’ home. I can’t even share credit cards with my husband because he doesn’t have a Social Security card.

We began the process last year, and we are hopeful his pardon is approved. That’s all we have for right now: hope. We would like to move on and chase our dreams without the fear of deportation. If he was gone, I don’t know what we would do. Our children can’t be without him; they look up to him too much. We can’t tell our oldest what its going on, its like living in the dark and pretending that there’s nothing else better out there. We fight about this issue sometimes, but we don’t solve the problem; we only let stress out on each other.