If you would put yourself in our shoes for a minute…


My name is Veronica. I want to share with you and our wonderful president, Mr. Obama, the horrible day when my family got torn apart.

Back in 2006, my husband was in the process of fixing his status in order to stay in the U.S. However, he was not able to accomplish his dream becasue the only person that could help him did not show up to the last immigration court date, to sign a very important document that would allow him to legally reside in the US . The judge then gave him an option to leave the U.S. voluntarily. Due to the reason that life in Honduras was extremely difficult and he needed to support his family, he did not leave (when all this happened we did not know each other).

We admit he did wrong by not leaving initially, but all he did was come here to work hard and help his family and people he loves. I went to visit my husband in Mexico in December, 2012 and I noticed how difficult life was in Honduras. I took my children with me and they were literally suffering: they don’t understand much Spanish; the place, Honduras, has a high crime rate and high drug smuggling rate; the education is not like the education they are receiving in the U.S.; the hygiene is poor over there too and made them sick.

After separating from my first relationship, in which I got a lot of mental, emotional and verbal abuse, I met my current husband, Steeve. I met him in 2008. We were neighbors. We started dating for about two years; in 2010, he moved in with me and my family. Steeve became my best friend, my soul mate; he was the husband that any woman wants. He is always respectful and kind to me and my children. He loves all of us. He raised my little girl since she was 2 years old, and my older boys respect him a lot. Steeve was able to win their hearts and he has been involved in their lives much more than their biological father. He took over the responsibilities of raising three children that are not his own! We endded up being a very beautiful family that a lot of people admired. He took us fishing, to the beach and parks. We did a lot of family activities together. We saved up some money to take the kids to Disneyland and met with Mickey Mouse. It was their dream! Without Steeve’s helps, I would never be able to make their dreams come true. He is a very responsible person, a hard worker (construction worker); he loves to help people that are in need; best of all, he has never got in trouble with the law. He was very popular among all the people that he worked with. Till these days, his previous employers are telling me that if he ever comes back, their doors would open for him and he is more than welcome to come back to work with them.

I work a full time job but sometimes the money is still not enough to cover all the bills. It was much easier when Steeve was here with us. We shared all the expenses and we always had extra money to do extra things with the kids. Besides, I have noticed that since Steeve is not with us, my children’s behaviors have changed. My son, who used to be a great student, has begun having trouble in school and he even got suspended for a couple of days. When I asked my son why he was acting the way he was, all he said to me was, “Mom I was’t like that when Steeve was here.” All I could do was sitting there and crying. All I could tell my son was that I would do all I could to bring Steeve back. My daughter, who is 7 years old, started sucking her thumb. It’s something that she had never done when Steeve was here. Steeve was a very important part of my family.

August 2, 2012 was the day I would never forget. It’s the day that Steeve got picked up from my house by ICE. At 5:30 in the morning, as usual, we got up to prepare for another day of work. I stepped outside to turn on my car and I saw a lot of cars and vans parked along the side of the street. As I was standing outside, a couple of officers approached me and asked who lived in my house. I told them that my children, my mom, my brother and fiancé (Steeve) were living with me. The officer asked me to get my fiancé. Since we had nothing to hide, I went inside and called him out. Steeve came outside. After checking him out on the computer, they handcuffed him; and the officer informed me that they were going to take him into custody because he would have to be deported. When I heard that, my heart broke down and I felt the whole world crumbled to my feet.

After a two-week period, Steeve was sent back to his country and he was not allowed to go back to the US for 10 years. I could not imagine of being away from him for that long. My children miss him a lot, especially my little girl. She is only 7 and she always tells me that she misses him, and he is the best father in the world. Her words broke both our hearts and we began to cry. The last lawyer I went to, told me that there is nothing I can but wait for 10 years.

Now, the only thing I could do is hope that our immigration laws will be reformed and give those people another chance. I have never lost faith in God and in our President. Mr. Barack Obama, please help my family and many other families to bring our loved ones back! There are so many families being torn apart every day. If you would put yourself in our shoes for a minute and think, could you make it through your days having your loved one in another country and not knowing when your family would be reunited? Mr. President, please remember that we need a bill that includes family reunification. May God always be with Mr. Obama and your family, and our great nation, the United States of America.